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Hiya! Gay, but probably the most confused person ever. Life just throws things at us, and expects us to look at it , and then make a life changing decision on that. And i hate it. There is more to me than a name, and i feel like im still learning the rest of me. This is my little corner of the toy store, and you will fine anything from funny to sad here It really depends on my mood. I love talking to people so step up and say hi. :) Enjoy.

Anonymous said: And I'm not saying it was you, but are you sending harassing anon messages to your ex and his boyfriend? He posted a picture of a message his boyfriend received. But who would have a grudge against him?

Why would I? I have no purpose to even do that. It’s his life. If he’s happy then that’s all that matters

Anonymous said: He's stopped bitching about things. I follow both of you though, he constantly talks about his life and gets involved with people. Sometimes I go in his Tinychats. Try talking to people. Friends don't have to be people you see everyday.

Why would I put the effort out to talk to people on here when I have more than enough people I do talk to everyday? The thing is I actually have a life now. I’m actually able to see my friends. I don’t have anyone telling me they hate them, or anything. I feel so free.


me losing my virginity


Anonymous said: I'm sorry. Not everyone on here is bad. I've made a lot of friends, I bet you could. It also helps to vent on here, sometimes people send advice. Just don't do anything stupid.

What would be doing something stupid? Because I don’t know if I already have? And as far as people that care about me on here, people used to when Jake and I were together. Now all I get is how much of a piece of shit I am every couple of days. I broke up with him because of multiple reasons, reasons that people won’t understand.

Anonymous said: Just stopping by to say hi and check on you. You're hardly on anymore. Hope everything is alright. Be safe. :)

Well at least someone is kind on here. And yeah I’ve been pretty busy trying to stay alive in this crazy world