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Hiya! Gay, but probably the most confused person ever. Life just throws things at us, and expects us to look at it , and then make a life changing decision on that. And i hate it. There is more to me than a name, and i feel like im still learning the rest of me. This is my little corner of the toy store, and you will fine anything from funny to sad here It really depends on my mood. I love talking to people so step up and say hi. :) Enjoy.

                Sure, we have all had at least one dream that sticks with us even to this day. It was like a ray of sunshine that peers through the clouds even on the stormiest of days. Nothing will compare to the future; to when you finally decide to settle down, and start a family of your own. Although, I believe that It won’t happen to me.  I just have a feeling. Im only 20 and feel like im going to be alone forever. Im hoping that once day what people say will happen.  That someone will come along and show me why it never truly did work out with anyone else.

                What exactly is my dream?  My dream is the one that is more realistically seen in movies or even fairy tales rather.  Prince Charming or I’ll even take my Cinderella will be my saving grace. Saving grace? I’m making it sound like I’m in pain, or in need of being saved. I just might be the more I think about it. When does the loneliness end? When does feeling like you’re not good enough for anyone end?  People are nothing but assholes and here I am craving the love of one. Anyway, back to my dream. I want that cute romance where we can be ourselves, and just get lost in each other’s eyes.  Just thinking about it is kind of crazy really.  Life is crazy.

                Why do I feel like no one will ever want to be with me? Answer:  Because everyone is so caught up in looks and its fucking stupid. What ever happened to personality? Wouldn’t it bew awesome if someone was like “Wow, you are so cute” or maybe its me? Maybe, just maybe im the one that’s caught up on looks. Oh and one more thing. Im always sick of taking all these guys out on dates. When will someone take me out on one? 

My life has taken a change for the better. Im feeling like im on top of the world and there is only one person to thank for that. Hes sweet, likes me for who i am and is everything I feel im not. Seems like i will get my happy ending

Hes so perfect


this is my favorite thing of the day


when the only friend you have in a certain class is absent



There’s this guy at my school who’s Instagram is nothing but selfies with guys peeing in the back


There’s this guy at my school who’s Instagram is nothing but selfies with guys peeing in the back



I’m naked what’s up

definitely not anyone’s dick